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Players will embody Elsa, Queen of Arendelle. As she left her castle, Elsa was instantly called back by the guards. What a surprise when she saw enemies standing in her way! 

Thanks to her ice powers, Elsa will have to reach her palace by freezing Olafs.


- Players can freeze enemies and props so they become 3D platforms

- Players have to succeed as fast as they can. There will be a timer.

- Players  will lose one if they fall from a platform. Therefore, players will spawn at the last checkpoint.

- To save using checkpoints, players must put a carrot onto Olaf's face.

- Players can face 3 types of enemies: the game balancing is used on how long enemies will be frozen, and their movements while not frozen.



Developed by: Maxime BRITTO - Florian GOZARDHugo TUIL

Designed by: Gaëtan PERRE - Grégoire VOTTERO - Soulaymane GUIGON

Graphics by: Judicaël DA SILVA OPTER - Sidonie GOUT

Produced by: Alexandra FERREOL 


Elsa Frozen Warfare.zip 538 MB

Install instructions

  • Step 1: Download the folder
  • Step 2: Extract the folder
  • Step 3: Open the extracted folder
  • Step 4: Launch "Elsa: Frozen Warfare"

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